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Spelling and grammar

It might seem obvious but check multiple times for spelling, grammatical or formatting errors. One word with incorrect spelling or a section that’s poorly presented is often an automatic rejection. Don’t make the reader have to work just to understand what it is you do.

What skills should I list?

Don’t be tempted to list every single product you have ever touched at the top of your resume. If you put that you are an excellent network engineer, then any decent interviewer will ask you about networking and expect you to know what you are talking about. Instead play to your strengths. If you know Azure like the back of your hand, make sure this is obvious.

It’s also a good idea to tailor your resume for a job ad. If a company is looking for someone with certain skills make sure you highlight those skills when you apply.

Do I really need a cover letter?

Yes, you do. In fact, some companies will reject you without even reading your resume if you have no cover letter. To stand out from the crowd be sure to address the hiring manager by name if you can. If you cannot find their name, then use Sir/Madam as this is polite and covers you no matter who reads your cover letter.

Bold keywords

What’s the first thing an employer does when they see you overuse bold keywords? Skim your resume! Using bold for headings makes sense but once you start to put bits of bold text in your skills list most employers will just skim through your resume and are less likely to remember you.

Certifications and courses

Remember that even if you did a course that had no corresponding exam to still include it on your resume. Why? Because many candidates for a role will often only have a handful of certifications and even a few extra will make you stand out and more likely to get an interview.

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