Configuring Windows servers is no longer enough to get a decent IT job. As you may have already heard Microsoft are retiring a number of certifications with the classic MCSA and MCSE being on the chopping block. But when was the last time that it was enough to be able to make a living configuring Windows servers? Probably about 10 years ago, unless you have a security clearance as these roles often pay a premium.
While being a legend at setting up a Windows server used to be enough to do well it’s so easy these days that you’ll need much more on your resume to prosper in the IT industry. It’s wizard driven to begin with and you can launch a brand new server on Azure with a few button clicks. You’ll need to do more than click next a bunch of times to command a higher salary.
So what should you be learning? It’s time to get into Azure! Learn about performance alerts, cost control, storage, networking and redundancy. If you have the time start learning about infrastructure as code (link to infrastructure as code article) and get your hands dirty. Better yet learn how to get your on premises network connected to Azure and migrate a server from on-premise.
If you’ve got Azure experience, even in a lab at home, you’ll stand out in the job market and find yourself landing that dream job in no time.